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Woman Swears Her Twerking Will Set The House on Fire

Black Friday Nightmare

New barber misunderstood shop's Black Friday half off promo.

Residents in Paris, IL go berserk after misreading Gwyneth Paltrow's "Niggas in Paris for Real" Tweet


Talk about a case of misunderstanding. Residents in Paris, IL, a predominately white city when berserk when rumors swept through the city claiming that N**ggas were in Paris for real. A new Twitter user simply misread the tweet from celebrity Gwyneth Paltro who was actually in Paris with her so-called n**gga friends.

"I was glad when we found out it was a mistake. No one wants n**ggas running around all willy nilly..and I'm Black." said Robert Williams.


Exclusive video of worker's reaction after hearing that there are Niggas in Paris, IL. Reports were later proved to be wrong. 


FUNNY VIDEO???: Million Granny March for Trayvon Martin

The tragedy that the family of Trayvon Martin endures is not at all funny, but this video from GrannyProv...well, watch and tell us what you think. Too soon?


"You look a little suspicious. That's a winter coat, it's not a hoodie."

FUNNY VIDEO: U.S. President Barack Obama forced to comment on Tupac hologram 

 Funny! This hologram is inspiring all types of comments from Tupac's friends and enemies.