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Entries in South Shore (1)

VIDEO: Jay-Z & Kanye West WTT Tour Chicago 79th & South Shore Dr


Some of my people CLOWNED on this pic on Facebook.  Click here

Watching this short video with Kanye and Jay Z was a nice nostalgic moment for me because this is where I grew up.

I spent many a day and night hanging out between 79th and S. Shore to Coles to Cheltenham and back.

The pic above was taken on 79th and South Shore at Paul Bivin's apartment. The memory of this street and the brother with me in the pic (right) Huey Rich brings back times both good and bad many that won't be mentioned. Huey's no longer with us.

He was one of the realist brothers I have ever known. We favored some so we told everyone we were brothers because people would always ask that. And we were. I hold him in my heart to this day. 

79th and South Shore. 79th and Exchange. 79th and Dan Ryan. 79th and Crandon. Wow.

Back in the day, there was an old motel on 79th and South Shore called End of the Rainbow. It was named that because the beach right there is called Rainbow Beach; it was the end of 79th St, the end of beach, and the end of my innocence... :-) or :-( depending on the perspective. LOL

This video and just looking back at that time, I am soo thankful to Allah for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakahan who showed a young warrior the relationship between religion, revolution, and our people. Many people who knew me then were very shocked when I joined the Nation and many people who meet me today would be shocked to hear about how "street savy" I was back in the day.

All praise belongs to Allah for guiding a young, potential full-blown negro into the open arms of the Nation of Islam where I was able to learn principles of manhood, many of which, my wonderful grandfather Colin Bond exhibited, but that I ignored, misunderstood or got lost in translation. Any, check out the video. 


Check out the hat I got on. You can't really see it, but it's a snakeskin brim. LOL