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Entries in Holy Day of Atonement (2)

Minister Farrakhan uplifts filmmaker Glenn Towery and his film on the Million Man March


Even Stevie Wonder could see two million men at the Million Man March

Yesterday at the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Million Man March  in Tampa Florida, Minister Louis Farrakahn talked about Glenn Towery and his new documentary film "Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March", an historic documentary about the march that happened in Washington D.C. 15 years ago. He talked about Glenn Towery's dedication and the 15 years it took to complete this historic documentary.

"I mailed the project to Minister Farrakahn about a month ago and for me the timing could have not been better that day. Although I was enjoying the Million Man March observance here in Los Angeles with fasting, prayer and participation in several Observance events, I had a nagging feeling that something was not quite right. The attention my film has gotten has been tremendous but there was always something missing in my mind because you always want to be recognized by your own peers, and culture for a documentary of this nature."


I had submitted the project to several prestigious Black Film Festivals this year, none had accepted it for showing despite the fact it received a great review from a recognized international film reviewer, Kam Williams.


There was only one major black film festival left that I had submitted the project to this year, the African Diaspora Film Festival. The last few weeks I kept checking their website but they had not posted their selections yet. So on the morning of, October 17, 2010. I decided to call them and inquire as to my films status. The young man who answered told me that my films were not accepted into the festival. I was crushed. Oh well I thought there goes my last chance for recognition from my own people this year.


Still I wondered how a film festival that called itself the African Diaspora Film Festival could pass on a film that offered such Civil Rights icons from the African American diaspora as Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Kweisi Mfume, Dick Gregory, Reverend Jessie Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Congressman Charles Rangel, Rosa Parks, Faye Wiiliams, Dr. Dorothy Height, Maulana Karenga, Reverend Joseph Lowery, Betty Shabazz, Dr. Benjamin Chavis Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan and  others too numerous to mention here. 


I resigned myself to acceptance and I started getting ready to attend an observance at KRST Unity, an African centered church in our community. They were sponsoring a panel discussion on "Mothers & Daughters who worked in Support of the Million Man March", I was getting ready to go when the phone rang. It was one of my Nation Of Islam friends on the phone "Did you hear it" he said excitedly. "Hear what?" I asked, "Minister Louis Farrakahn just spoke about you and your project "Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March" he mentioned you and it by name, he even quoted you!"


I was floored by what he said to me, I couldn't believe my ears. I just said "What?!" as Eric repeated what he had just said and added "The Broadcast goes out to a national and international audience you know." This was even better than I could have hoped for. God, Our Father had not forsaken me even in my frustration & despair. When I thought it was over he was showing me that it was just the beginning, and that he was the final arbiter of all things.  I don't know if my film, "Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March" will ever be honored in a black film festival, but that is not as important to me now because it was honored none the less on a grand scale by an icon of my culture.  


Thank you Minister Farrakahn for your words of recognition. You recognized my 15 year struggle to complete this work and my dedication to do it with all the talent and ability that God gave me. Your words, came at a time of doubt and frustration in my life and lifted me to the knowledge that what I have done with this documentary as a filmmaker is appreciated, loved and will be enjoyed by people of my culture someday and for years to come there-after.  


Link To Review:

"Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March" was a recipient of a
"Platinum Empixx Award" 2010

 The highest award given by the 
American Pixel Association


Hear Producer of Million Man March Documentary Farrakhan Mentioned During Holy Day of Atonement Lecture Oct. 17 (AUDIO/VIDEO)


During his lecture yesterday, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan mentioned Long Live the Spirit, a documentary about the Million Man March produced by Glenn Towery, owner of Fairy God Brother Productions and Film Company, LLC.

Bro. Glenn's work was highlighted in this article that I wrote for The Final Call. I also conducted an interview with Brother Glenn on my radio show. He's on the second half of the show. Listen here

Released July of 2010, the feature-length documentary depicts what happened when he and Linus Michael Leting, a fellow student at Columbia College Hollywood, decided to attend the Million Man March in search of its meaning. The project has already received glowing reviews as well as a "Platinum Empixx Award" from the American Pixel Association.

"When at the Million Man march I pledged to do my best to help create positive media for the African- American culture and other cultures as well. I have set about doing that since my return. I love the arts! The act of my continued participation has proven not to be reward enough in that I want to become important enough in the industry to affect the type of projects that are being done and I expect that future to be now. When I see the lack of Black participation in television today, in front of and behind the cameras, it reminds me of just how much work there remains to be done. I hope to contribute in some significant way towards African American's ability to attain the successes that others enjoy in the industry today," said Brother Glenn.

"Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March" is Brother Glenn's first feature-length project.