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Dr. Catrise Austin Loves to See You Smile, Promotes Dentistry Careers for Black Women

Personally, since a teen, I have been most comfortable with a Black woman digging in my grill. I feel safe. I feel like I can be worried and be in pain and she won't judge me. Much love to Dr. Austin. Help us smile! Read more below. 

Dr. Catrise Austin has a flourishing career as a dental expert. She is the owner of VIP Smiles, a private dental practice in New York City in which her clients include A-list celebrities and every day professionals. She is also an author and professional speaker that educates consumers on dental health and how to cosmetically enhance their smiles, and she is an HIV Advocate.

Out of all of Dr. Austin's accomplishments, it is her role as a trailblazing woman in dentistry, a traditionally male-dominated field, that she is most proud of. During March (Women's History Month), Dr. Austin is sharing why the professional and supportive roles within dentistry are a perfect career choice for women - especially in today's current and competitive job market.

Even as a struggling job market is challenged to offer new and fruitful prospects to job seekers, dentistry continues to pay well, offer flexible hours for women with families, and provide a steady stream of available of work. Healthcare remains in the top job categories for 2012 according to US News. TopUSAJobs.com currently has a listing of over 2,000 dentistry related jobs- administrative positions included, and IHireDental.com lists several hundred other dentistry related jobs by state.

"I would recommend anyone interested in the field of dentistry to volunteer as an intern to see which position in a dental office best meets their skill set," says Dr. Austin about choosing which profession in dentistry would be a great match for interested women. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual average wage of a dentist is $160,000. The median annual wage of dental hygienists is $66,570. Office managers can make up to $80,000 annually. Dental assistants make an average of $20 per hour and a receptionist can make $15 - $20 an hour.

Women interested in becoming a dentist must complete four years of college with a science degree, then dental school for four years with an internship. Those interested in becoming a Dental Hygienist will discover a two to four year degree in Dental Hygiene is required, depending on the state of residence. Responsibilities include working side-by-side with a dentist, cleaning patients' teeth, and educating patients about caring for their teeth and gums between dental appointments. The dental office manager is a unique position, as it stems from a variety of backgrounds. Dental office managers must come to the job with knowledge of how a dental office functions, which includes some knowledge of dental terminology and methods. Therefore, many dental office managers first complete a one-year dental assistant program at an American Dental Association accredited school. Dental assistants and receptionist positions mostly require on the job training, but many women go to Dental Assistant Schools for a six to nine month period for formal training.

Dr. Austin continues, "I am inspired by the female leaders of dentistry. It is my goal to let women everywhere, high-school students included, know that Women's History Month isn't just about respecting the leaders of the past. It is about honoring their contributions to society by finding inspiration to map out a successful future. Dr. Ida Gray Nelson Rollins was the first Black woman in America to earn a Doctorate in Dental Surgery Degree. She paved the way for women, like myself, to have a rewarding career that pays the bills but also changes lives. I want women to recognize all dentistry has to offer them personally and professionally, but also understand how we got here too."

According to Dr. Austin, if it weren't for the women leaders of yesterday, like Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor who was the first female dentist in the USA or Dr. "Bessie" Delany who was a civil rights leader and earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Columbia University in 1923, there wouldn't be the opportunities that exist today. Therefore, she hopes to continue to build the dentistry profession by championing awareness of today's dentistry statistics combined with its relevance to Women's History month.

Professional career groups, colleges, and women's associations are welcomed to reach out to Dr. Catrise Austin through her website, www.vipsmiles.com, or through email at: vipsmilesny@aol.com.