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@WVON1690 Celebrates 50 Years Of Impact With An Historic Weekend Of Events 


Featuring A Performance By Six Time Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist, Toni Braxton

Hosting a weekend of festivities, one of the only African-American owned radio stations in the country, pauses to commemorate five decades of representing the Voice of the Negro and a Nation.

On April 1, 2013, WVON will celebrate 50 successful years of unwavering airtime and historical commentating. From 1963 to 2013, WVON has evolved from the Voice of the Negro to the Voice of a Nation. Lead by the efforts of President & Chairman, Melody Spann Cooper, WVON has planned a historic weekend that will showcase how they have IMPACTED the nation.

The weekend festivities will begin on Friday, April 5th, with a “Salute to the Good Guys” kickoff party with a performance by legendary artist, Roy Ayers. Saturday, April 6th, WVON will host their “IMPACT 50” Grand Gala, gold carpet event, which will commence with a VIP pre- reception for special invited guests.

The “IMPACT 50” Grand Gala will take place at The Chicago Theater located in the heart of downtown Chicago, 175 North State Street, and will feature a performance by six-time Grammy award winning artist, Toni Braxton. The program will feature a chronological dance routine choreographed by Andrea Kelly, with remarks by Roland Martin, Cathy Hughes, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory and many more. Two after-parties will bring the celebratory evening to a close.

The VIP party will be hosted at the Museum of Broadcast Communications located, 360 North State Street, with the Ricky Rainbow Band and other surprise guests. The second after party will be held at Buddy Guy’s Legends located, 700 South Wabash, with performances by Billy Branch and other local artists. The closing event on Sunday, April 7th, will also be held at Buddy Guy’s Legends, hosted by Cliff Kelley and Joan Collaso.

The event theme, “IMPACT 50” showcases how WVON has impacted the nation by providing an interactive forum for the African-American community to discuss current, social, economic, and political issues. “It has been a historic journey for WVON and our golden anniversary deserves to be celebrated,” said Melody Spann Cooper, WVON’s President & Chairman. Chairs of the event include, Governor Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Susan Whiting (Nielsen Company), Mellody Hobson (Ariel Investments), Cathy Hughes (Radio One), Earl Jones (Clear Channel Communications), and Jim Reynolds (Loop Capital).

Tickets for the Grand Gala are on sale NOW. General ($100) and premium ($250) tickets for the “IMPACT 50” Grand Gala are available at Ticketmaster and The Chicago Theater Box Office. VIP tickets ($500) can be purchased exclusively by contacting WVON at www.wvon.com or 773.247.6200. Ticket prices include admittance to the Grand Gala event and one of the evening after parties. Tickets for the “Salute to the Good Guys” kick off party and closing jazz set will be available at www.wvon.com. For more information about all events, visit www.wvon.com.

For more information on WVON visit, http://www.wvon.com, or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/WVON-1690AM-The-Talk-of-Chicago/ or twitter: https://twitter.com/WVON1690.

Black Businesses Connecting Across Chicago and the World

Hakeemah Jihad, Guest Blogger

HJ: Please inform our readers of your position to the organization and the mission of the Chicago Black Business Network (www.chicagosblackbusinessnetwork.com)?

I am Sonja Perdue, founder of CBBN, which means that I’m the currently the facilitator or connector for 700+ members. CBBN was formed in 2008 and our primary goal, at that time, was to create a referral base for my real estate business.  Along the way, the mission changed and we began to focus on being a service-oriented organization for the members. 

Below you see the formal mission statement, but as we grow and evolve, even that is undergoing change. 

Chicago’s Black Business Network (CBBN) exists to initiate a grassroots business-to-business service designed to assist the individual owner in his/her efforts to reach the next level of service growth in the marketplace.

We are now focusing in on 2011 in a big way and that is marketing services and tools for the members and expansion of the network for the mutual benefit of all parties.


HJ: What is the history of the Chicago Black Business Network (CBBN)?

It all started by just pushing a button to sign up for a Ning-based website.  And, the people began to come.  In part that is due to Mark S. Allen’s large network.  I believe that he was among the first five to join and that gave it a much needed kick start. In March of 2009, we established CBBN on Blog Talk Radio to compliment the website.


HJ: Please expound on “Black businesses connecting across Chicago and the World?”

We do truly believe that there should be no limits placed on our potentials or network.  CBBN is 80% Chicago-based, but it is important to understand that most entrepreneurs on the site do not have physical locations, therefore, they are free to market across the world to reach out to their target markets.  CBBN provides the platform for these business owners to do just that through the website and the podcast.


HJ: Describe the typical member of CBBN and what benefit CBBN brings to its members? Are they all Chicago residents?

As stated above, approximately 80% of our membership is based in Illinois. The benefits of being a CBBN member continue to grow.  We offer members the opportunity to connect via the website, conference calls, the Blog Talk Radio show, as well as the ability to showcase their products through our enhanced Premium Membership Package.

We expect members to utilize the conference calls, talk show, lunch and supper club meetings and our meet and greet networking events, held in conjunction with other organizations, to enhance their visibility.


HJ: CBBN has a radio show www.blogtalkradio.com/CBBN. What is the theme of the show and who are some of your past guests? What qualifies someone to be a guest on your show?

We are in the process of restructuring CBBN on Blog Talk Radio in our efforts to take it to a whole new level.  In our efforts to stay true to our mission and utilize the show as a promotional tool for the members, we will be back on the air interviewing members on Tuesday, January 4 at 6:00 PM.  The best gift you can give someone is the opportunity to talk about their businesses.  Our doors are open for our members to be guests on our show, but we give preference to PREMIUM MEMBERS.


HJ: What impact does CBBN has on the community in which it serves?

During these pass two years, I’ve received great feedback and continued encouragement and support from the members.  But, we can do better.  And, I believe that will happen as we train our members on how to make CBBN a marketing tool that can and will work for their organization.


HJ: What is the future direction of the organization?

As I mentioned, we’ll be back on the air on Tuesday, January 4 with a show, specifically for CBBN members.  The Blog Talk show is about to blow up.  (Watch for details.)  We’re going to launch CBBN.net, shortly.  We are going to meet and greet for a cause and a reason, each quarter, in order to give the members a platform to connect as we support a local community food establishment.   And, so much more is on the horizon.


HJ: How can our readers connect with the Chicago Black Business Network?

We connect on the net at http:///www.ChicagosBlackBusinessNetwork.com or at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/CBBN.  

I’m a communicator and am always available at (312) 239-8835 or by email at ChicagosBlackBusinessNetwork@gmail.com.

Join Us Today and Touch The World.  Hundreds of members are waiting. Hakeemah Jihad, we certainly appreciate you and Toure Muhammad for being CBBN members, previous guest on our show and for all that you do in the community.