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Whitney Houston Update: At Time of Death, Reports Prove She Was...

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Download Whitney Houston Obituary at bottom of article.

Bean Soup Times reached out to a few incredible Chicago artists to get their reflections on the passing of Whitney Houston and the recent Grammy Awards. True artists often create work that reflects not only how they feel but their spirit is so open that they convey what many others feel as well. Below are comments from Tarrey Torae, J.Ivy and Moni Rashad.

These reflections prove one thing. At the time Whitney Houston's death, she was a child of God.


The passing of our beloved Whitney Houston made my heart heavier than a ton of bricks!  I cried for Whitney, I cried for Bobbi Christina, I cried for Bobby Brown, I cried for Cissy Houston and the entire Family & Friend Circle that surrounded her.  Naturally the entire world was affected by her transition.  We cheered her on in the beginning and criticized her imperfections in the end.  We rejoiced in her recovery and loved the beautiful child she and Bobby created for the world.  

She was a believer in God, a child, a girl, a daughter, a woman, a friend, a wife, a mother and a true talent.  Her legacy opened many doors that we all walk through no matter what career we practice.  Whitney Houston served as a natural human connector through the art of music and message and served as a witness to the testimony of being 100% Human.  

She never adjusted her behavior to please other people.  She was a nonconformist and walked with out false façade! 

Lady Houston connected people of all cultures from and by the love of her voice and music.  Universally she is known as the Woman with the golden voice. 

It is that voice that made everyone take notice in every language and in every race and sing anthems of love.  Her songs covered issues from education to family values to a sincere courage to love no matter what.  We all can agree that the love we had for her connected us all.  Her life was a living testimony for the times we all live in and share together whether good or bad.  

Her testimony was Powerful and Honest!  If we are honest with ourselves we will have to acknowledge that we are all Whitney!  No matter the cause of her death, A Huge Life was lived and will continue touching and inspiring people all over the world forever!  

I am convinced that we will all miss her!  Just like Michael Jackson, Don Cornelius, Bernie Mac, Etta James, James Brown and Troy Davis - Her Triumphs and Tragedies belonged to us all.  Let’s all be sure to learn from her, live for her, and stay prayed up.  

Let's rejoice in the grace of her voice and human presence and let's be honest in our sadness in the loss of such a beautiful life and spirit. Even more, let us not be selfish in our strength to push forward and do better in staying connected so that her life is was in vain.  Let's be a prayer muscle for her and her transition home.  We should all remember that tomorrow is never promised!



It’s hard to imagine losing those who have deeply impacted our lives, but time has proven over and over again that no one is exempt from the inevitable. Though we may feel that the time arrives much too soon, we have no choice but to except the fact that we all must go and appreciate the moments we were blessed with to share.

This past weekend one of the GREATEST talents the World has ever seen or known left us all in a painful shock. Our sweet, sweet Whitney Houston was now gone.  Many have compared extraordinary voices to those of an angel, but she was truly God-sent.

Her voice, her presence easily raised low vibrations to a height never before felt. She filled us with hope and joy. Those who knew her personally say the love that was felt in her music, is the same love you felt when you had the opportunity to spend time with her.

She deeply cared for people and you could feel it in her music. She was sincere. She was elegant. She was a true example of grace.  She was and is music. She touched the world in a way that we will cherish forever. We Love You Whitney! GOD Bless You, Your Family, and Your Journey!!  J. Ivy


My heart aches for the family of Whitney Houston. I pray that people would pray for her baby girl Bobbi Christina instead of assumptions and dogging her mother constantly in the media. Whitney Houston had a gift from God that she used to glorigy God. There is no other artist that can even sing her music and give it justice. The sister didn't have to move; she could just stand there and blow out melodies that rippled the soul without putting forth much effort.

Her image as an artist was impeccable during her peak and not many artist can say that. She set a standard for our generation; one of queen dominance on stage. She was never naked, always classy and her brand basically branded itself without much effort. I'd rather focus on the good she did with her power; like being the first African American artist to grace the soil of South Africa to assist the newly released Nelson Mandela in his fundraising efforts.

Not many artist today would have the courage to do so; not and risk their careers. But Whitney had no fear as she walked in the spirit of knowing that her gift had made room for her and that God was in control.

So, I don't pay much attention to all the rumors and accusations about my dear sister. I can't, not in good conscience. As an artist myself; it can be very lonely and the pain internally quite unbearable when you love God in your gift. And for certain, my dear sister loved God in her gift. It was a blessing to have our African American teens desire to imitate Whitney on stage as Whitney was always a class act! Some of my dear sisters today; main stream or not, could take note and raise the bar in their own game. If I had a daughter; let's just say she wouldn't be allowed to entertain her mind with much of any that I witnessed at the Grammys.

Thank you Whitney for being true to you as an artist. And I am most humbled to be able to say that everytime I saw your long lean pressence; it gave me and my long lean self hope. I began to believe I was beautiful and would be accepted as beauty; by just being who God made me to be. If I could say just one word to my sister before she had taken her last breath, I would have said, "sister girl you were in a class all by yourself!"


Click to download Whitney Houston Obituary


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