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Bean Soup Times is a leading destination for Black humor, news and information. Our positive promotion of relevant products, services, and events makes us very appealing to professional, consumer savvy Blacks. has thousands of weekly visitors and over 17,000 email subscribers, and thousands of social media friends, followers, and likes. has been featured in The Final Call, Tavis Smiley on NPR, Upscale Magazine, Chicago Reader, WVON, WBEZ, and has been mentioned on Power 92 and WGCI.

Bean Soup Times online network includes entrepreneurs, media personalities, elected officials, and career-driven Black people who want to stay informed. They are primarily professional/degreed Black Americans.

  • Median Age 34-45
  • 70%  College graduate
  • 65%  Female
  • 58%  Have children
  • The median income is $60,000 a year

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Our Audience: 25-50 year old, primarily professional/degreed Black Americans within the Chicago-land area, but also in Atlanta and Washington D.C. Our audience is 60% female. The overall median income of our subscriber is $60,000 a year. The average educational level is at least a Bachelors degree.


Additional Services

  • SEO News Release Distribution – A news release is sometimes called a press release, press statement, or media release and it is a document issued to media and consumers to announce you, your product, service or cause. We will send your news release to our media outlet database of 300 plus which includes national urban radio shows, local mainstream media outlets as well as Black media outlets, reporters and bloggers.
  • Graphic Design – Creation of flyers, posters, postcards, email blasts and much more. Click here for examples from our team.
  • Campaign Design – Creative campaign input, design and layout, graphic design, creative writing, hosting and more.
  • Social Media Marketing & Publicity Consultation – Consultation on how to effectively use social media marketing to build better relationships with current customers, increase name recognition, enhance credibility by establishing expertise, attract new customers, influence public opinion, make more money.
  • Website Development - We can deliver quality, branded, custom blogs that you can manage and control. Click here for examples.
  • Photography - Rates start at $180 ($60 per hour/3 hour minimum). You will be provided with a CD full of photos of event. Click here for examples.
  • Social Media Management - We can increase customers sales through email marketing, social media, and text messaging.

Media Comments

“No, it’s not the Onion but an Afrocentric variant with a similarly edible name.”-August 15, 2002 Chicago Reader “Offering hilarious parodies of mainstream media, Bean Soup Times is quickly becoming a popular source of witty social and political satire.”-The Final Call (2002)

“With a witty take on current events and popular culture, Bean Soup is quickly becoming Black America’s leading source for satirical news on the internet.” –Chicago Crusader (2001)

“Bean Soup Times is a new satirical newspaper that spoofs news from an African American perspective.” -April 1, 2002, Steve Edwards “Eight-Forty Eight”, WBEZ (91.5 FM)

“This paper is not only hilarious, but it makes you think. I love it.” -Monique Caradine-Kitchen, “Mo in the Midday” WVON (2002)

“A beautiful idea, magnificently conceived…and brilliantly executed.”—Salim Muwaukkil, Chicago Tribune op ed writer and Senior Editor, In These Times (2002)

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